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twenty-seven thousand points of light....

Okay, granted this is taken out of JRS, and a lot of you have no doubt seen it before, but dang does this hit close to home.

My first burn I was out near the trash fence smooching with a sweetie, without any lights, and these two people on bikes, also without lights rode right over the top of where we'd been seconds before. If I hadn't grabbed her and rolled, we'd have been run over. Not a fun way to end an evening.

In later years, I've worn lights, and have lights on my bike, but I've also seen countless people riding around without lights on their bikes. This is just an invitation for something messy to happen. Vehicle traffic keeps on increasing. LE's are using quadrunners in addition to regular vehicles. ESD should be using quadrunners this year. These things would -HURT- if they ran over the top of you.

Please consider bringing some sort of blinky light to make yourself visible at night. There isn't going to be moonlight this year, so its going to get dark!

Also, please consider keeping down the number of glowsticks you use. They are a one shot deal, and then you have to dispose of the carcass somewhere (back at camp in a bag of trash you're bringing home, right?) Flashy LEDs with rechargable batteries can last you burn after burn after burn.

[from JRS]

Ranger Decibel writes: "We're going to make an effort this year to
not just bring LOTS of lights...little ones, flashy ones, pretty
bitty ones...but to bring about twice as many as we need (OK, 10
times what we "need") so that we can give them away to all the
benighted/unlighted folks who don't show up with them and thus turn
themselves from interesting/wonderful people into road hazards. I
don't know how many people have been injured because they ran
over/into/under some unlit thing/person/pole/hole, but I know of
several in my immediate circle.

It's hard to imagine what BRC is like until you've been there, and
even those of us who have, seem to forget in the course of our
all-too-well-lit urban lives, that there are places that get dark
when the sun goes down.

So, we will be bringing LOTS and LOTS of lights, and give them to
whoever needs them. If everyone does this - "everyone" being anyone,
of course - we will minimize pain/injury and maximize SPARKLE.

For we are the Sparkle People!

129 frickin' days!!!! LET THERE BE LIGHTS!!!!

Much much much love, ranger and otherwise,

Ranger Decibel of the Sparkle People."
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