100 0# Ivy $d 1979- (pivyca) wrote in burning_man,
100 0# Ivy $d 1979-

Belly dancers?

Some friends and I are coordinating a belly dance event on the playa this year and I was wondering if anyone from LJ might be interested.
Announcement #1:
Calling all belly dancers, drummers, and musicians:

Out of the dust of last year’s cafe invasion the burning bellies were born.

Did you enjoy the magic of taking over the cafe and dancing up a storm? Are you a dancer or musician new to the playa and looking for a way to participate?

The burning bellies are cooking up a whole new plan for this year, so hold on to your goggles, becuase if you thought last year was good, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

For more info send an email to burningbellies-subscribe@yahoo.com
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