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BM Companion Issues...

So, this is going to be my first time to Burning Man, and I am so looking forward to going with two friends who have been before. One is my ride and the other is someone I have been planning the trip with, and planned to camp with. Now, they are both better friends with me than they are with eachother, and in the past few days they have not been communicating well. Now, I don't believe either of them will want to camp nor travel with the other. (Some history, we all met through the online personals [The Onion/] and they met before I met either of them. He was not interested in either of us, and he and I have since become friends, as have she and I. The issue of *why* that is has been the point of contention.) For further background, and details about the specific issue, read my latest journal entry, Oh Great, More Drama.

I'm not sure what to do at this point, as I am determined to go, and would love to spend time with both, though certainly traveling and camping together would be easiest, I don't see that happening now. Any ideas, insight, anecdotes are appreciated, as this is very important to me, both as I love my friends and hate to see this happening and that I don't want to sour this experience for any of us.

Thanks in advance.

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