Victoria 7 (victoria7) wrote in burning_man,
Victoria 7

fibromyalgia or a miserable muscle disease

hi all... this will be my third year at burning man. i'm working as the assistant volunteer coordinator for the cafe at center camp (if you were at the town hall, i was behind the cafe table with black & red braids. i have recently been diagnosed with an icky disease called fibromyalgia that affects my muscles--making them burn with pain and making it difficult to get around and do a lot of stuff. obviously, it doesn't keep me from going to the town hall or to crafting parties for center camp or working four hours a day. but a lot of people have been telling me that i shouldn't go this year! shouldn't go??? f*ck that!!! i'm sure that there's a way that i can make some changes to how i burn so that i can burn this year and every year i choose to. i'm also pretty confident that i can figure it all out on my own. but then again, it would be nice to hear from someone who has burned & is not physically 100%... if you are one of these people, talk to me... how did you make it a radical burn for yourself???
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