b r e t t (ex_askesis860) wrote in burning_man,
b r e t t

tastes like chicken

At yesterday's ranger training, we took a few minutes to go around the room and discuss individual issues that might, in our estimation, make us too emotionally involved in a situation to effectively mediate it. One of the new people (and I must say the crop of new rangers this year is small, but highly promising) related an interesting story. One year, she had been upset by someone camped next to her because he'd brought chickens. "Chickens?" we asked. Yes, he'd brought chickens to Burning Man. With the intention of eating them. Our new ranger, a vegan, was deeply disturbed.

The discussion of how everyone handled the situation was productive, but all I could think was: my god, what a brilliant idea! Keep meat fresh on the playa - bring it on the hoof! And now I think I know what to do with my extra ticket...

Would you describe yourself as 'plump' or 'tender?' Would you like to go to Burning Man for free?
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