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Playa_Pagans Group

From: Katrina, aka "Weotch"

I have been trying in vain to find a BRC-Pagan newsgroup/theme camp. So...
I created my own (newsgroup, that is; my "theme camp" will be a tiny
subdivision of Hushville composed of exactly one person -- me! ;). If any
of you are pagans, interested in paganism, friends o' pagans, or just
friendly and curious, please feel free to join or forward info on the newly
created Yahoo group, Playa Pagans. The website is: (check out that snazzy

The idea is that the group is mostly a networking tool. Pagan-type peoples
from all over the world can say "hullo!" to their fellow Burners before
getting to the playa, and possibly plan "Merry Meet & Greets," pagan
picnics, pagan playtime, pagan patty cake, pin-the-horns-on-the-pagan, etc.
etc. ...Oh, and rituals, too! *wink*

Please forward this information to anyone you think might be interested.
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