The Digital Shutterbug (aryx) wrote in burning_man,
The Digital Shutterbug

Just got this e-mail today!


I bring you this sad message from Crimson about the Beach Burn that was
scheduled for this upcoming Saturday:


With A Heavy Heart . . .

Burning Man Officially is not hosting the Last Saturday of the Month Beach
Burns. Suspended until further notice.

National Park Service has caught up to us and the permit alone will cost us
a special permit, insurance($1,000,000) and possibly paying for law
enforcement if they are needed ($60 hour w/min 4 hours). It also means we
are responsible for anyone at our fire. sigh.

My anarchist blood is boiling and I can not play the game.
I will figure something out.

Of course it is a public beach and if anyone wanted to go and have a fire .
. .

Crimson Rose
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