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I'm going to Burning Man. This is a HUGE leap of faith for me, as this year has been less than kind financially. But, I WILL be on the cow bus (unless it dies before we get there!), it's OFFICIAL.

Now... This is a SHOUT OUT to MN Burners!! We need more people on the cow bus, man. So far, there are four of us, and I'm not certain if there will be others. We can't take the bus with less than 9 people, as the cost of gas and such would be far too much. SO. Jon (bus owner and driver, and also the proud owner of the Zebra Car and I are looking for people interested in riding the bus out to Burning Man from the Twin Cities area. We would *like* to get a community kitchen going as well, and camp near eachother, so as to lighten the load of gear and such. Jon is asking that only people who have tickets in hand and can put up some cash for gas, food and water will be put on the bus for sure. If you don't have a ticket and don't have any cash to speak of, get yer booty together!

Please post here or contact me at for more info.

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