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Long Post Regarding Cameras and the likes

I was making edits to the Press Here section of Burning Man and since we'd been talking about cameras and the likes and whether or not they had to be registered, I thought I'd post this here. Its a lot of info, so I'm putting it behind the cut to be kind

Guidelines for filming, video and still photography of the event

* The easiest way to determine whether you have to register your camera is as follows: All video cameras must be registered and have a tag attached to them. If your digital camera can record even a few seconds of motion imagery, it is considered a video camera.

* If you are taking photos or shooting video only to show your friends and family, you must register your video camera by filling out a Personal Use Agreement at Playa Info in Center Camp. You do not have to register your still photo camera if you are just shooting for friends and family.

* If you are shooting still photography, video or are recording audio for any reason other than to show your friends and family, you must register, in advance of the event, with the Media Team. You can start the registration process by emailing, and by reading through the Press Here section of the website.

* If you have registered your video camera via a Personal Use Agreement, you can not sell the video or make any other use of the images you take without first obtaining permission from the Burning Man Project.

* Before professionals, and other members of the media can make any use of the images recorded at the event, they must obtain written permission from Burning Man. Such written permission will be limited to the particular project described, and may be subject to restrictions. Written permission can be granted only by Marian Goodell, Manager of Business and Communications.

* One of the abiding principles of Burning Man is that participants do not interfere with the immediate experience of other participants. As a member of the media, you are expected to be respectful and comport yourself accordingly. If you do, your coverage will be far more authentic and meaningful.

* If any participant asks you to stop filming, you must stop immediately. If you continue to photograph or film, you face the possibility of being escorted from the event.

* The copyright of any unique design, written work, artwork or performance is owned by the person or group of people who created it. You must ask permission before filming or photographing such artwork and performances and obtain signed model/property license(s) or release(s) from all appropriate parties. You may not make any use of images of such designs, artworks or performances without obtain a release or license from the creator(s).

* You must ask for permission before photographing or filming any individual participant who might be recognizable. Crowd shots are exempt except when the artist, performer, and majority of participants request no cameras or filming. If you are planning to show the imagery to anyone other than your friends and family, you must obtain a written release from anyone you photograph, film or otherwise record.

* The Burning Man name, logo, and Black Rock City-specific imagery are the property of the Black Rock City LLC. None of these items can be used in association with any commercial venture, advertising campaign, nor sold or transferred to a third party, without prior written consent from Black Rock City LLC.

* Black Rock City-specific imagery includes images of the Man and Burning Man commissioned artworks, aerial views of Black Rock City and any other imagery that can be identified specifically with the Burning Man event. If you have any questions, email

* If you are considering any commercial use of still photos, video or audio recorded at Burning Man, you must provide a copy of your work to the Burning Man archive within 90 days of the event. If your work requires post-production, you must provide a copy as soon as it is completed.

* You will be required to grant Burning Man a license to use such images, film, video and sounds for Burning Man art shows, the Burning Man newsletter, and at special Burning Man events, including our San Francisco-based Flamb� Lounges and for video or film made by or on behalf of Burning Man. In addition, if Burning Man receives requests from print and broadcast media during the year for images and footage, we will direct interested parties to individuals who have contributed to the archive. In cases of such referral, you are free to negotiate usage terms and fees accordingly, provided Burning Man has approved the intended use.

* Burning Man is a private event that is held on public land. All members of the media are asked to register with organizers in advance of the event. Filmmakers or anyone shooting video for use other than to show friends and family are required to register as press, must submit a proposal for their project and must get approval from the Burning Man Project before filming begins.

* Any filmmaker who attends the event and has not registered or received approval for their project is trespassing. Burning Man reserves the right to take any necessary action against trespassers. Trespassers have no rights to any use of images obtained at the event.

* Members of the media have the responsibility to check into Media Mecca upon arriving at Burning Man.

* Members of the media have the responsibility to participate and the right to be respected as a participant. As a participant, members of the media have the responsibility to be courteous to Black Rock City citizens and respect their rights to privacy. Those who do not respect these rights will be asked to leave.

* Members of the media have the legal responsibility to comply with all domestic and international laws concerning copyright, trademark, intellectual property and privacy concerning any recording or filming at the event.

* The name "Burning Man" is trademark protected. Members of the media have the responsibility to respect domestic and international trademark law. If you have any question about appropriate use of the Burning Man trademark, contact

* Burning Man will not grant permission to stock agencies to film or record the event.

Photographer/Videographer/Audiographer Rights
and Responsibilities (Personal Use)

* You have the right to express yourself and create art as a photographer, videographer and/or audio artist.

* If you are filming or videotaping for personal use, you have the responsibility to check in at Playa Info, sign a personal use agreement, and get your camera tagged. This will let others know that you have obtained permission to use your camera. Unless you sign a personal use agreement and obtain a camera tag, you do not have any right to record images at the event.

* You have the responsibility to be respectful to people you wish to record and to seek permission from them before recording their likeness or voice.

* You may use any images that you obtained at the event only for personal use. No commercial use whatsoever may be made of any such images.

* Those who cannot enjoy their rights without acting responsibly may be escorted out of the event.

Participant Rights and Responsibilities

* You have the right to ask someone to stop taking a picture of you, recording your image or recording your voice in any way. However, keep in mind the nature of radical self-expression, capturing expression is a form of self-expression.

* You have the right to know what someone plans to do with your image.

* If a photographer or videographer plans to use your image or images of your artwork for commercial purposes, you can allow her or him to do so by signing a model release or license form. (FYI: In certain circumstances, the publishing of images of a participant may not require a signed model release (e.g., news and some editorial articles).

* All video cameras and film cameras must be tagged. If you see someone using a camera or recording device of any kind without a tag, request the videographer or filmmaker to get a tag at Playa Information if he or she is recording for personal use; or, if a member of the media or commercial filmmaker, at Media Mecca. Also, please point out to a Ranger the person who is filming or recording without a tag on their camera.

* If someone is disrespectfully using a camera or recording device of any kind, get the tag number and tell a Ranger.

Artist Rights and Responsibilities

* You have the right to protect the image of your artwork or performance.

* You have the right to ask someone to stop taking images of your art or performance if you don't approve.

* You have the right to be credited for authorship of your artwork in any commercial use of your work, and perhaps to receive a payment.

* You have the right to enforce copyright and trademark ownership of your unique work. To have the greatest legal protection, artists should apply for a copyright. (See for copyright forms and information from the federal government.)

* Photographers and videographers should obtain your signature on a release or license in order to make any use of images of your work for commercial purposes. Images used in editorial works (e.g., news or editorial articles) may not require a signed release. However, any image that contains identifying features of Burning Man (e.g., the Man, lampposts, street signs, other art, etc., or where Burning Man has funded the work of art), must also receive permission from Burning Man and/or affected people and artists.

* In cases of editorial use, such as news or editorial magazine articles, Burning Man encourages the media to credit specific artists.

Burning Man Rights and Responsibilities

* The name "Burning Man" and all images of the Man, city layout, lampposts, street signs and commissioned theme artwork are protected under copyright and intellectual property laws, and cannot be used for commercial purposes without written permission of Burning Man.

* We will respond to reasonable, timely media inquiries made in the spirit of good journalism and Black Rock citizenship.

* Burning Man has the responsibility to create an environment for the citizens of Black Rock City that does not tolerate rude or irresponsible use of photographic or video recording equipment. Persons who cannot respect the rights and wishes of others with respect to photographs, video, or recordings of any kind will be asked to leave.

* Burning Man reserves the right to disallow the use of Burning Man-related imagery and recordings of any kind for commercial or unapproved editorial use, particularly if we determine that such use(s) may undermine the personal expression and privacy of participants or the integrity of the event.

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