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Flambe Lounge/Mutaytor/Rosen Coven

Traveled grand total of 550 miles to see Flambe Lounge: Rosin Coven/Mutaytor Show at amazing school/play/workspace in Oakland called the The Crucible, 1260 7th Street, Oakland, CA, 94607.

It's an amazing space! You can go there to learn how to weld, fire dance, build domes, etc. ad amazment!

You can do fire performances indoors in this space! Wow.

Matty and his Mutaytor Crew were the closing musical act and they rocked the house - as always. Please consider how much rocking it takes to make an IMMENSE CONCRETE STRUCTURE bounce up and down to the rhythem of the crazy drums. The Mutaytor did it with style.

I am currently listening to their NEW CD (which is some quality work - it captures a great vibe - it's the same and yet different from the vibe that Matty and the crew put out live - if you aren't paying close attention you might dismiss some of their cd tracks as just more techno/trance BUT you will NEVER mistake their LIVE show for ANYONE ELSE). FYI, they are definitely playing Burning Man. :)

The Mutaytor also just put out a DVD, which is nice work. The footage is like water to a thirsty man as it has some nice shots of the Playa on it as well as just some of the best stuff Matty and the group have done on some of their live appearances. The Psience dub is very cool, 15 minutes of mushroom trip visuals, and the three music videos are nice. The first and third particularly. The second one is a little repetitive (they only have so much footage to splice together - it's all amazing though, so i'd say watch the videos in the following order: 2,1 and then 3 for the best effect). There's some great stuff featuring Dr. Megavolt. I also loved the personal interviews, particularly Hambone and Lady Spacetrash's segments. The hooping that's interspersed in with the interviews is particularly sexy as well. Oh and Jenai and Roo are featured in many of the vid segments, for those of you who have met two of the most talented and incredibly sensual fire dancing woman on the planet, here's a little bit more of them. Overall I really enjoyed the DVD, and since it comes with the NEW CD "e:ching" it's just good fun.

Bonus, got to hang out with Carrie/Midnight Rose and her husband Justin from Rosin Coven (due to traffic, only got to hear them play two songs - dammit) - they were really cool and welcoming and remembered me from some of my Playa Antics! Anyways, they're releasing a new cd in September! AND they'll be performing in their dome at Trashistan and in center camp at Burning Man as often as they can. Yay!

Two other acts that I saw at Flambe' Lounge at the Crucible that night that I should mention.

Fire Pixie's Fire Dancers - excellent, exciting choreography, fun concept and lots of good fire.

THE EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND, who have the most drop dead brass beats ever heard, and the hottest, just dangerously sexy Flag Team ever seen to beat and shove people out of their way so that they can spin, dance, and perform lewd sex acts and still keep those weird tall hats in place while doing so. Woah, you cannot go wrong. I'm horny and excited just remembering them. The drum majorette left pom-pom cuts on my chest.

Overall, it was an incredibly fun and entertaining night.

Oh and the fire tornado is cool.

There's more, but you had to be there. Just think THURSDAY night on the playa only without the dust. :)

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