December 18th, 2000


Things are getting started...

Spent a bit of time to make the burning_man site is a bit more presentable and useable. Hope you all like... expect more interesting features shortly. I also e-mailed everyone who has burning man listed as an interest, so hopefully we'll start to get a little discussion around here. Feel free to let other people know about this, too... can't have Bianca's getting all the attention!

BTW - did you know that Bradfitz is interested in spinning? Fire chains, not deejaying... It would be cool if I could talk him into making the trek. After all, where better to learn about creating communities?! ;)
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greetings to my friends in fire...
i'm craving the desert so badly i can taste it. only 251 days left, hurrah!
this will be my third excursion... i wish i had known of the festival before the controlling regime made it so restrictive, but it's still a great time.
nice to meet all of you.

Hidee Hooooo

Hi there, I am excited about the prospect of a LiveJournal camp at Burning Man. I am looking forward to reading everyone's ideas and maybe adding a few of my own.