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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Sunday, December 31st, 2000

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a little thought to warm you as you freeze in the snow and your relatives are annoying you..

hey, question. do most of you go early or late? each time i've arrived on monday for maximum playa pleasure. this year i'm thinking about going real early to help with the dpw.

last year my bf and his friend biked in 100 miles through the playa. their spare water container leaked. they arrived on my birthday (mon the 28th) completely delirious with dehydration. the bf's trying to convince me to make the bicycle trek with him this year. i'm considering it.

hey, tell me some of your random bm stories..
it seems that cheap pre-sale tickets will only be available this year to people who have attended before.. has anyone attended the town hall meetings? did they say what the range of prices would be this year?

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