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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Monday, April 23rd, 2001

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when is BURNING man???
and who wants to take me and make love to me there???

GoodNIGHT, snk
pics taken with my kodak DC 4800 3.1 megaPIXEL cam!
Hey Everyone.

I loved this little dog, but I was worried about his being thirsty.

I'm getting so excited, i'm still working on transportation, not to the playa, but while we're there. Going for a mermaidy braided thing for my hair this year. I'm buying pouffy skirts, gotta sew some cool bras and wings.

This couple was so nice, they were getting ready for their wedding.

I wish a miracle would happen and it would turn out that we aren't going to be in the same spot as last year but back where we were the year before and that the weather would be beautiful. Did you guys like the new spot? I thought it had a different vibe.

I take so many pictures every year, I really have to get a site up. I keep putting these sort of temporary little places together and every year when I come back I swear I'll type in my journal entries from the playa and put up the pics. Maybe i'll get myself to do that before I leave this year. That'll be a good goal for me, like I don't have enough.

Love you,
Live Journal Camp
OK, I see that there are new members on this community so here it goes:

How about a LiveJournal camp at Burning Man.....is anyone game?

I am more than willing to put in the work to get it going, I just want to know if there is interest.

Please respond to this post or to my email - Kirsten_Hubbard@yahoo.com or Cantara5@aol.com.

If there is enough interest, I will get the paperwork started for our 2001 BMan journey.

That is all for now!
hey guys, i'm want to go to burning man this year. i'm in nashville right now and will be relocating to phoenix in july. i'll be driving around the country a bit, but hopefully i'll be back in time for bm2001. what i want to know is; can i join someone's camp? i don't want to go alone. maybe i can hook up with you in the phoenix area? it's my first time and i'd really like to be apart of the experience. please let me know!

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