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Tuesday, April 24th, 2001

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Just a couple more months. :) Never more than 12 months away! *grin* Hello all. :) I first heard of BM in '96, didn't make it 'til last year, never missing another one. Ye gods I wish I'd skipped school for it, previously.

La la la.

Anyone out there know a good robotics oriented store in the east bay? [trying to get off my ass and do something interesting]

Current Mood: ecstatic
Hello, i just made a new album...25 paintings and drawings of me created
by different artists! follow this link to 'painted kring'
CLICK here
i just got back from hearing terry gross lecture (she does the radio show
'fresh air' on National Public Radio NPR...such a great speaker! you can
read all about it in my journal. (thanks dad for taking me! it totally
STIMULATED my brain...)
GoodNIGHT, shannon

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