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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Tuesday, May 8th, 2001

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i just had a bad burningman memory after looking at the ministry of statistics website survey about illegal drug use.

do you remember how last year, people were getting busted for smoking pot in their vans? or worse yet, the lady who got caught with half a pill of e and was arrested for amphetamine trafficking? what happened to that woman, does anyone know?

i fear the wrath of the man crushing our burningman spirits. :(

one funny tangential story: we were setting off fireworks on the playa (away from camps; near the art) when several uniformed people approached us and demanded to know, "WHO SET THAT OFF?!" i was tripping on acid at the time and my eyes must have been popping out of my head in fear.


it was just a bunch of reporters who proceeded to shine lights into our faces and tape us setting off more fireworks. i kept screaming into the microphone, "HELLO KOREA!!"

i wonder if that segment ever made it to television.
Burning Man Statistics
A fellow LJer pointed me to this link for statistical information:


This helps a lot....Thank you.

For clarification

Designer drugs = Think recently more popular drugs like E, GBH, MDMA

Hallucinogens = Think LSD and mushrooms.

Sorry for any confusion.

(NOTE TO SELF - do not create polls when you are too hot, brain gets too fuzzy)
OK - out of curiosity
The idea of doing drugs at Burning Man scares me (this is a personal issue). The elements are so harsh and change so rapidly throughout the day. How do people cope with the dehydration and making sure they stay healthy out there?

To keep it anonymous, you can send replies directly to Kirsten_Hubbard@yahoo.com or Cantara5@aol.com.

Do you drink (X) amount more water? Do you take extra vitamins, electrolytes, or eat special foods?

Again, this is just a curious monkey type question. Last year I had some alcohol and the next morning I was severely dehydrated even though I THOUGHT I drank enough water to counteract it. Thank goodness someone in my camp had electrolyte packets and vitamins....that really helped me out a lot.
Ishtar temple folk were very cool. Sacred sensuality...with a very positive vibe.
Check their web site if you are interested...ishtartemple.org...

I saw the post about drugs at burning man...frankly the drug of choice seemed to be alcohol. But there was a wide variety of use that's for sure.

My understanding of the various tickets issued at BM' 00 was that they were all dismissed...at least the ones for pot and other innocuous happenings.

We all need to be responsible for our actions both on the playa and off. If you choose to use on the playa the consequences can be severe and sudden.

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