May 14th, 2001

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The burners were out in force Sat nite in Reno! Not sure how much money got raised for Bob's med. expenses but there were a ton of folks. Bands played, fire folks twirled, drummers drummed, and the popcorn palace popped the corn! A good vibe until the end when the "yahoo factor" reared it's ugly head in a minimal way. Look for another time next month--the 2nd saturday in June!
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E-mail list

I posted to everyone who responded about LiveJournal camp one way or another. So far it looks like about 14-16 definite to stay out the camp, a few maybes, and some who want to participate but have other arrangements. This is just spiffarific. We have to give pretty much the final details on what we want LiveJournal camp to be by July 1st. SO....send me your ideas. You can post them here or mail them to me at

Insomnia (Mark) purchased some lovely blank journals to share with other burners at LiveJournal camp. You are more than welcome to bring blank journals as well. I will post pictures of what we have so you can get an idea. You can create blank journals as well. They should be large enough to have some fun with but small enough to scan. They can be anything you want them to be but, they must be bound together somehow. We are committed to not allowing any free floating paper that can be swept up into any dust storm.

Also....if anyone has any extra carpeting laying about, that would be great for covering the floor of what will be the large community tent. Please be thinking what will make YOUR Burning Man experience a pleasant one. Remember, no ideas are bad ideas...and we need lots of ideas.....

Community bars, parties at night, performance art, poetry readings, making music....what would tickle your fancy, how do you want to participate.

This is just the beginning.....more information to come.
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