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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Monday, May 28th, 2001

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Hey this is Dan from Houston, TX. I've been lurking in the burning man community since March. I spent an entire evening learning about burning man on the web. Burning Man is something I want to experience and be a part of.

Unfortunately, this might not happen in 2001 due to my tight finances. This would easily consume $1000 coming from texas, plus admission, plus every other expense large and small. But best to start saving up for 2002 now rather than later, eh?
In Penis And In Soup
I am back from Burning Flipside, and I am moved and shaken and changed
by it. I think I shall never be the same. I connected powerfully to
something beautiful and magical. I loved what I saw and felt, and all
the brothers and sisters and beautiful freaks I met, especially my
friends in FlipSeattle Camp, who will always be dear in my hearts.

I desperately want to attend Burning Man. I need to plug in to the
source, and feel the energy of my tribe flowing through my veins.

I did not take notes while I was there -- reporting is too much a
'spectator' activity, and I had to be there, in the thick of things,
not sitting on the sidelines and writing. I'm going to try to piece
together my experiences over the next day or so and post them here.
Until then, here's a list of nifty things I've brought back, in
addition to the warm afterglow inside me:

A Burn 2001 Flash headscarf with the rising sun on it
A weird CD by a group called Manaburn
A FlipSeattle t-shirt (thanks June!)
a candy bracelet given to me the night of the Burn. Its rapidly
decaying, but I can't throw it away.
a smiley bowtie from Ded Keg


I'm gonna take a shower and decompress a while.

Current Mood: blissful, exhausted, inspired

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