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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Monday, June 18th, 2001

Time Event
seattle-area event
69 days until burning man.

This is (ideally) going to be a meeting of a bunch of seattle-area goth and industrial types who are going to burning man this year. The mercury is a private club, but we can guest a couple people in who are interested in attending. if you are interested, comment/send me mail.
Great news for LiveJournal camp @ Burning Man!
Hello fellow burners!

Recently, we were contacted by a member of the Burning Man staff, who has asked the LiveJournal Burning Man Camp to fulfill quite an honor.

Essentially, we were told that our camp had been reviewed as a potential site where people can get their passports stamped for this year�s theme of the Seven Ages. I suspect that this means we will be located right on the main strip near the center of the camp, which would correspond to the Pantaloon. This area is in the theme of the Mausoleum and is focused towards remembrance... and what better way to remember something than in a journal!

If you have received the Newsletter, the Mausoleum is intended to be a great repository; a solemn monument designed to house memories of lives we've admired. Here participants honor the lives of those who have gone before them - family members, friends, mentors, lovers, or actors upon the great stage of the world.

Out of all the camps that wanted placement in this rather special section, we were the only camp that had an appropriate theme; infact, we are "nearly perfect" for this year's theme and have been asked if we could expand upon the traditional journal and art entries we were going to have people leave, and encourage people to include stories of people who have passed on, or who have been an influence in their lives. We couldn't see any reason why not, so we accepted the invitation.

This means the LiveJournal camp will be getting a lot of traffic and a lot of exposure. Having volunteers to assist us will be of great importance to make this all happen! It is as yet unconfirmed, but Brad might join us for this if he can manage to get away for awhile. I also have a surprise or two up my sleeves as well.

Sounds kind of exciting! Remember, there are only 69 days left, so we need to start planning now! Everything is on the table, including parties, dances, poetry readings, general activities... and, of course, journaling!

So, what do you think? Are you up to the challenge??!
I bought 3 tickets to this year's burning man.
It looks as if one person is not going to be able to make it (but my e-mail message didn't say outright that she isn't going).

SO, IF my third person is not going, I will probably have an additional ticket to sell.
I will have to call my friend and find out for sure if she can't go.
I will post again, to let you know. This community will be the first to know and have the first chance at getting this extra ticket if this is what ends up happening.

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