July 24th, 2001


My Novel

Hey, I just joined this club today cause it seems interesting. sorry that my first post is an ad, but I'm trying to get the word out about my new book that I think members of this comminity will be interested in...


I am proud to announce that my novel "Frozen Coffee Melting" is now available!

To give you an idea of the book's content, here is the copy from publisher:

"Frozen Coffee Melting is a story of drugs, sex, and highway philosophers. In an age where a college education is a necessity, but the only things a working-class graduate is guaranteed are a crippling debt and a life of loan payments, Vince shares a genuine concern with many other intelligent young people of his generation: finding his place in the society he despises. While on a cross-country spree of petty theft, introspection, unusual encounters, and, of course, massive coffee consumption, a frustrated Vince questions the system. Finally, he draws his own unique conclusions about how to get along in the world."

If you are interested in obtaining a copy, it will not be available in stores until my marketing campaign kicks off, but it can be purchased online from the following sources:

Barnes & Noble at http://www.bn.com
borders books at http://www.borders.com
books-a-million at http://www.bamm.com

or directly from the publisher at

(If you are ordering it at full cover price, please consider buying direct from the publisher. The price is the same but author royalties are higher.)

It can also be specially ordered at any Barnes &
Noble or Borders Books location.

You can also browse the entire text on the publisher's website.

I would also like to take this time to ask a favor of you. As part of an innovative marketing campaign, I am trying to spread the word via e-mail. If you could please forward this notice to anyone you know who may be interested I would appreciate it. Publishing fiction is a difficult business to break into and the more books I sell via the internet, the sooner I can get "Frozen Coffee Melting" stocked in stores!

Thank you,
Brian King

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I had an idea. How about everyone making a bunch of bookmarks to hand out to those who stop by the camp? We could toss all the bookmarks in a big basket and let the visitor choose from it.
edison's light

questions of an inexperienced naif... update.

apologies for the multiple posts; i tend to be unorganized and to plan for things at the last minute.
i've decided i'll be flying to Reno and back instead of going from here; i can't imagine a long drive afterward, or even a long bus ride. is anyone going to be leaving from Reno at a resonably definite time who wouldn't mind another passenger and his gear? it doesn't matter what time, exactly, or what day. and as far as those who responded to my earlier post, if you're passing through Reno and know approximately when you'll be there, within a few hours, then i'd be happy to come along for the last leg of the ride. my e-mail is sbailey@san.rr.com, or, of course, listening@livejournal.com