August 12th, 2001


14 days left

Check this link for theme camp locations:

Theme Camp Locations

List of users who are definitely staying at LJ Camp


If I do not have you on my list......please please please please e-mail me as soon as possible or reply to this message. We have plenty of room for more as I requested enough space for 30. We just need to know you are going to be there so we can plan accordingly.

Also, I would like to know who is going to be there on Saturday the 25th. We are going to be putting up the tent and will need as many helpers as possible. I know that three will definitely be there. One will have been there already.....who else?

Also, we need to think about days that people are committed to running the tent from 12 to sundownish for journaling. I plan to be there most days but, I would like to have the time to have my passport stamped (big smile). A four hour shift a couple of times during the week would be very helpful. We will be passing out journals and stamping passports when the journals are returned. Because we are near Center Camp we should expect a lot of traffic. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet all kinds of people. However, you all need to explore other camps so I am not asking that you spend all of your time at LJ Camp. On the contrary, just a little time to help keep things running smooth.

I have received the DJ equipment, the speakers, the generator, and lighting. We have journals and writing gear. I will be brining tables and chairs. I am looking so forward to meeting you all.
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Hey there SF!

Hey everyone,

Well Pete and I have arrived in SF (last Tuesday actually) and we've picked up Freezing Man and have been working on it vigorously so that it will pass the Smog Check (it didn't in the pre-test - blah!)

We've been having fun, living out of the truck near Bottom of the Hill and just bumming around the city.

We have limited internet access but now that we have discovered the UC Berkeley labs things will be MUCH easier.

So if anyone wants to hang out and whatnot drop me a line.

Hope to see some of you soon!


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