August 14th, 2001

  • cobweb

If you can swing it...

Hey there guys,

Well we've tuned up, de-smoged and registered Freezing Man. We've also been living out of the back -- so it's been quite an adventure. :)

This is where I ask for your help:

If anyone would be so kind as to donate some ice cream money we would be eternally grateful.

Unlike past years where Freezing Man fund raisers were held, this year, since we are 3,000 miles from home we cannot do so.

So I'm writing you guys here. Anything from $10-$50 would be more than helpful (if you can swing more that would rule too).

Please send donations via PayPal to:
gamache @

If you know anyone who would be interested in helping please forward this on.

Thank you all so much!