August 22nd, 2001

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I just found this community and I am planning on going to Burning Man this year again. I will definitely stop by your camp and visit for a while. I am staying at Camp SPOT, which will be a small camp located near 2:30 and something or another. I am leaving Friday for a drive up to Humboldt County and hope to make it to Burning Man by Monday. I am not very organized as usual. See you all there!
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2016, fenris + phoenix


I just finished painting the cover of five journals to bring along -- they're themed: sex, drugs, gossip, poetry, and illusion. Not sure what illusion will turn into, but it should be interesting. :)

so far it looks like I'll be bringing myself, water, food, and stuff to think and play with.

trash bag and box and stuff like that. Umm. what was the wishlist down to at this point? I could bring a tent but plan on either sleeping in my car or (preferably) wherever I happen to fall down that's out of the way, like maybe in the shade of my car. [I hope my car makes it! and back...]

oh yeah, digital camera and laptop. :blinkblinksmile: If I could borrow a little power now and then to recharge the camera, that would be super cool, and of course it could be used for camp functions if I'm around...

speaking of... (not quite, but...)

what sort of nontangible goods do folks find as good bartering stuff? I'm happy to do unskilled labor for anyone who needs it, but as the week goes on that'll be less and less folks. Thinking maybe poems on the fly, or hand massages, or ... [insert great idea here] =)
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