August 24th, 2001

  • jacqui

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Well, we're doing out last minute shopping and packing the RV. We'll be heading out either super late tonight or first thing in the moring. I can't wait to meet you guyz in the flesh. I'm bringing journals.

Beau and I will be camping with Kidsville (6:30 and Lover), if any of you would like to meet me, come on by. I'll be the gal with the blue and green dreads. But of course I'll come and find you. I can't wait to hug you guys in person.

You can also find me hanging out with Supersnail or leading ARTS meetings at the 12 step camp. Hopefully I'll find my meeting format and literature so I can do that.

I'm so excited. I'm coming home.

Big huge grateful loving hugs to all of you,
Jacqui and Beau too