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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Tuesday, September 4th, 2001

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It's funny how the town you spend the rest of the year in smells funny when you get back from the playa.

I made it back safely.

For all of you who were first-timers (I wouldn't call you virgins, although it seemed like a lot of other people did), I think you now understand what we've been talking about this entire time.

My intention was to stay through today, but my food situation forced me to pack up a day early. Several people offered to give me extra food, but I had already decided Monday was my exit. I was beginning to get tired of the wind, anyway.

Give me a few days to clean up, and I will post a few pictures.

I don't think I got to meet all of you, but I'm glad I got to meet those of you who I did.
and so the preparation begins again...
Hello all,

I joined this community (just now) as part of my quest for next years event. I had planned to go this year, however, fate had more mundane plans for me, and who am I to argue with fate?

I live near Portland, OR and a huge group of my friends went this year, after deciding at the last minute. I was heartbroken. completely.


This has acted as a galvanizing affect on my determination to go NEXT year. I read back through this last week and a half of your comments and entries and think wistfully of the playa and hope to see you all there next year. scratch that. I WILL see you all there next year.

Current Mood: determined
Burning Man pics
From the night of the burn:

Current Mood: bouncy
For those of you who may be interested, here is a link to an animated gif I made of the Man a few hours before he burned. If you are on a 56k modem, it takes about 5 minutes to get the whole image, hence the link...

Current Mood: happy
Burning Man - journalling
how very curious,... i consider myself to be an active journaller, and i've become even more involved/active in it since i discovered LJ almost a year ago

but at Burning Man i journalled very little
this is especially ironic given that we were staying in the LiveJournal camp

so i'll just have to dredge up the few memories that i can express and the rest of the experience will just have stay locked inside of me,... only really able to be shared with other Burners. because Burning Man is largely about the experience,... and you can't give an experience with words
at least i can't

but to someone else who has Burned, there is very little need of words to express what happens there
or maybe it's that the words take on new and more profound meanings between Burners

Current Mood: contemplative
culture shock
we left Black Rock City at about noon on Sunday
the queue to the highway went smoothly and before long we were on the highway
the miles ticked away pleasantly (for the most part) but we were in no hurry so as we neared Sparks we noticed that not only did we need to fill up the gas tank, but lunch sounded like a good idea
Oddlet and I had been following Shane and Jodi and keeping in touch by radio
Jodi spotted a billboard for a restaurant so that is were we went
OMG! culture shock
to get to the restaurant portion we had to walk through the casino
the contrast between a small town Nevada casino in all the garishness that it can muster and the devil-may-care attitude of Burning Man was immediately and painfully apparent
they do have have one thing in common
they are both going for sensory overload
but the result is quite different
i had forgotten how much casinos, with all of their blinking lights and discordant sounds, really unnerves me
we had a mediocre lunch
actually Jodi's and mine was okay
Shane's was passable (although a huge slab of cow is not what one expects when one orders carne asada)
and Oddlet's lunch "sucked",... but that's the risk you take when you order a Philly cheese steak in the desert

The theme is lingering with me. I have been thinking about what little things we lose every day, parts of ourselves, how we fade into disolution unless we constatly find the courage to stride forward, to embrace love, to be embraced.

I stood in the mausoleum on saturday night before the burn, writing a message to my father, gone these many years. weeping openly and unashamedly. and though no one said anything to me, i could feel the understanding, the support. i want to remember that feeling, to carry it with me in everything that i do.

i want to be free.

Current Mood: remembering
just got the report from the e-playa..

there were a disturbing number of serious accidents in the desert this year. not surprsingly, the god damn ferris wheel was the cause of a few. the naked zipline, just 50 feet from my camp, cracked a skull (not surprising - i saw about 100 people fall). very disturbingly, the crane which was broadcasting the webcast of the burn ran over someone's leg.

they also released the name of the man who died on the 447. he was dan clayton, a burner with the hookahdome. i met dan on my first night out this year. i am very sorry to hear of his passing, and i extend my condolences to his friends and his partner who tried so hard to save him.

i want everyone to take a few minutes might now to thank your diety that you had a great time and escaped unscathed. any one of us could have been injured. many people from our tribe were.

the e-playa discussion about the accidents is on the bbs.burningman.com site in the general discussion area in the "opps... accidents" thread.

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