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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Wednesday, September 5th, 2001

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cat bus
www.thundershack.com won't load.

further thwarting my plan to not take a single picture at burning man. Now I won't have an image of the Cat Bus.

Anyway, I am working on our camp shutterbug to get the LJ camp photo uploaded. (And the emergency has resolved in a positive way. Yay.)
Thank you!
On behalf of insomnia and myself, I wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of you who participated, stayed at, or aided LiveJournal Camp in some way.


It was wonderful meeting all of you and getting to know who you are. I am honored to have shared a piece of Burning Man 2001 with each of you. You absolutely floored me with your kindness and generosity.

If I left out a name, it wasn't intentional.....I am going by memory which is still sort of on the playa.

A NOTE: I promise - I will learn how to start that damn generator all by myself.

* (stayed at LJ Camp)
Burning Man documentaries

Sitting on the playa just before the burn on saturday night with our improvised bourbon and mango slice stand, we met Captain Conundrum, also known as Phil Teller. He filmed the official documentary of the burn last year and was also filmin a documentary this year, although he hopes to put out a whole 60+ minutes of footage this time around. I e-mailed him my address and this was his response:

Hi Oddlet!

As you are the first to request a video, your name is first on this year's list to receive one.

I shot 26 hours of video this year, that translates into 52 hours of building the clip library, 60 hours of editing and transitioning the clips, 30 hours of dubbing the audio, and 20 hours of building the credits rolls and copyright data.

Last year I shipped the first copies on December 10th. That work was a 12 minute piece. Working with experienced people and two cameras this year, I am focusing on a 60 minutes because I will have more useable raw footage to work with. I expect the first copies to be ready late in December or early January.

I will keep you updated as to my progress as I go along, and will e-mail you as each portion of the post production is complete.

Today, I got my edit machine back from the techs so I can begin re-loading the O/S, and edit software. I had bad ram, and needed a new IDE controller to run the 47 Gigs of IDE hard drive that I use as an applications drive.

My 73 gigs of SCSI were fine, and my dual PIII board checked out ok as well.

Gone, I am gone, stay in touch

Phil Teller
Burningman documentaries part II

Here's the e-mail address for Phil Teller alias Capt. Conundrum. Tell him you heard about his amazing exploits from a frisky asian chick in a sarong and would like to be put on a waiting list for his documentary, please.


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