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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Sunday, September 9th, 2001

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Hee hee hee, look, who's this? With styley hair by Iceblink as well.

Just getting started putting these up. I really hate my image hosts. (Clubphoto) I don't understand why the images look so crappy. This was pretty and crisp when I uploaded it. Boo.

memories of burning man fade like the day after an acid trip. not really sure what i saw but i had a good time doing it. they are memories that i want to hold on to as hard as i can but it's like holding the ocean in a sieve. the voices fade and the faces lose their definition. the colors i'm not really sure about anymore. what color was the neon an the man and was the cat bus green or pink? there was so much information that i didn't pay attention to the details. my brain would have collapsed. but those feelings remain. forever engraved. like your first kiss or the first time you really fell in love. 10 days of a rush like that really blows my mind. i know those feelings wont go away anytime soon. if ever. god, kill me if i ever become so jaded as to lose those emotions.
my definition of home has changed. and with it the definition of my life. i am forever changed. baptized by dust and reborn to burn. my life has been made better by the playa. the playa makes it all better. the food is better out there, the drugs are better out there, the friends are better out there. if you want to make it better, put it on the playa. i guarantee it will change you and you will be a junkie for the playa the rest of your unnatural life.

**warning** if you love god, do not bring him with you. your love for god will become second to your love for the man. it will be an affair you god may not appreciate. that is all.

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