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Monday, September 10th, 2001

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Reno Gazette-Journal
I am posting an e-mail I received through the Earth-Guardians e-list, written by Dan Henklein. He talks about a recent article that the Reno Gazette-Journal wrote trying to slam the Burning Man event. The letter that Dan wrote is rather long, so I'll post the first couple of paragraphs, then use the cut tag (if I remember how correctly :/ )

My dear Earthguardians:

I would draw your attention to the copy of the Reno-Gazette Journal article
Karina just forwarded.

I've met the manager of College Cyclery, the owner of the business is a
friend of mine.
The manager of College Cylclery has neither the background or authority to
speak on environmental subjects. I'm not sure where the Gazette-Journal
found such an unqualified commentator, or why they solicited her opinion.
I suggest the initiation of a boycott of College Cyclery by the Burning Man
Collapse )
And, seeing as how Dan asked you to please read his essay (read previous post here), I figured I would post that as well. It's also rather long, so once again, the lj cut tag will be used after the first couple of paragraphs...:

When coming to an understanding of anything, particularly social movements,
political agendas, mores, propaganda, advertising, etc., it is important to
ask the question, "WHO does it SERVE?"

Since Burning Man is many things to many people it may never be possible to
answer this question fully with regard to Burning Man.
Nevertheless it may be important to the health, and nature, understanding,
and dare I say it, to the SOUL of our community and movement to ask this
"Who does Burning Man serve?"
Collapse )
A journalist who Gets It{tm}
Burning Man was, for me, four straight nights of going to bed at sunrise, getting roughly 3 hours of sleep per, and having everything I own completely and irrevocably covered in gritty chalk-gray playa dust. It was extraordinary. It was insane. It was strange, magical, surreal, dusty, hot, fleshy, pagan, funny, unpretentious, open, communal, dirty, simple, inspiring, funky, forward, and unbelievably beautiful. It was close to what I expected, but bigger and more dazzling and more variegated and more fun.

I still haven't removed my silver fingernail and toe polish. Or the glitter. Or the mental images. And I'm sure I never will.

-Mark Morford, San Francisco Chronicle, 6 September 2001
Full text of the article is here; Mark's personal photo gallery (including some beautiful shots of the Mausoleum) is here.

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