April 23rd, 2002

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Burning Flipside in Austin, TX

(adapted from a response to happiesachi's recent post to this community)

I thought I would put in a plug for our regional burn, which will take place at the end of next month. Burning Flipside occurs on Memorial Day weekend each year in Austin, TX. This week that is May 23 - 27. Tickets are still available. For those keeping score at home, this is 6 months before Burning Man in Nevada

Some of the stuff I participated in last year (no spectators!):

  • improv puppet shows
  • a 'white trash potluck,' complete with ritz crackers and spray cheese
  • naked body oil wrestling
  • bizarre, nonsensical antics unter blacklights
  • a "dance club" made of huge sheets that blew in the wind, with projectors constantly throwing trippy imagery onto them.
  • a bedoin style pleasure dome/dance floor

There were also:

  • vegetarian fajitas and sushi for barter
  • a kaleidoscope the size of a small car
  • the Great Canadian Beaver Eating Contest
  • at least two competing "cults" that baptized people in the creek and the swimming pool
  • more firespinners than you can shake a stick at (there will be even more this year)

More than that I experienced real interpersonal connection with strange and amazing people who I came to consider family or perhaps tribesmates. There was an atmosphere of total acceptance, which allowed for an amazing exchange of ideas.

The event is smaller than Burning Man (hundreds rather than thousands of people) but this lends the event an amazing intimacy. This year's event already boasts a diverse array of theme camps.

Tickets are still available over the web for $55, but the event is expected to sell out (or come close) this year.
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Hello all

My boyfriend and I have decided to come to Burning Man again this year. This will be our third year and we are very excited to be going since we didn't think we'd be able to make it this year. Last year was a little rough - I was sick for four days and we came back home totally broke. But we still had a great time. :)

We are the people who operated Freezing Man last year, the ice cream truck, we're not sure we'll be doing it this year since it ended up costing about $3,000. We are both students this year so we're po'. But we're going to try our best and have a fund raiser out here in Boston. So I'll keep everyone posted.

Either way we are psyched to go and psyched to see all the Burners again. I'd also love to spend some time visiting LJ camp which I couldn't do last year due to my yucky illness.

If you'd like to see a picture of my boyfriend and the truck from last year I'll post one here:

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