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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Tuesday, July 30th, 2002

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Gifting It
I saw the documentary Gifting It tonight. It's about the gift economy at Burning Man, and was pretty good. My friend and I are kind of worried about what we'll be "giving" to the BMan community... but maybe it will come to us at the 'man. :) Anyway, I suggest you see the movie if it comes to your area!

Current Mood: thoughtful

many of you will have received
Burning Man Journal Summer 2002
in the mail with your tickets.

this newsletter, edited by Burning Man founder Larry Harvey, discusses the culture, art and philosophy of Burning Man.

on page two, in the essay entitled "A Growing Culture," I am quoted thusly:
"Burning Man... is a cult - and we're recruiting!"

this gives official philosophical validation to the thesis i have argued on LiveJournal and elsewhere in the communication corridors of Burning Man culture:

that Burning Man is indeed a cult.

please, refute me now, o naysayers!

i told you so,

a loyal cult recruiter
Whale Dream Translation Project
It looks like we will be contributing and participating in the Whale Dream Translation Project at Burning Man. LJ Camp will be offering space, a boom box, journals, and chill space during the day for this project.

We are one of three camps offering space for this project.

Check out Whale Dream Translation Project for more information.....

Current Mood: excited

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