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Thursday, August 15th, 2002

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I started hydrating myself for Burning Man 4 days ago. I normally drink very little water and live in Denver and do okay. I spent a lot of time hiking in the Arizona desert as a kid with little water and did okay. BUT I'm listening to advice and drinking water.
Now that I'm drinking water (like 2 liters a day, working up) my head is fucking killing me. From the first glass of the day until the last one at night I have a splitting headache. If I skip drinking water till noon my head is fine till noon.

Will this pass? Is anyone else experiencing this? Am I going to have to resort to pain killers?
News from the black rock desert
All DPW operations have moved to the burning man site as of today.
Weather is very hot (108 in the shade yesterday) and very hazy.

The playa looks great. There's about 200 people out here, all working at building the
city, or working on major art installations. The perimeter fence is complete, all the roads
and street signs are up, and all theme camp placement has been surveyed.
The cafe rigging will be completed today, with only the shade (38,000 square feet of it!)
and decorations to go. The platform for the man is
about half way constructed.

My camp, the Playa Commissary, fills most of the bloack between Mainmast and Mizzen,
from 165 degrees to 180 degrees. I am camped in a Coachman RV that is at about
170 degrees just inward from Mizzen. Please come find me when you get out here and
say hello! Anyone camped at the Commissary will know where to find me -- I might
even have a radio.

Only 18 days until cleanup,
-- Bruce

Current Mood: bleary eyed but happy

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