August 22nd, 2002

Thinking of joining LJ camp/Ride AVAILABLE from SJ for 1

Hello All!!

I'm thinking of joining LJ camp, if there's room.

I just got a little crazy and bought an 18' dome for shade that I'm more than happy to share (it will also be my "kitchen/living room").

Also does LJ camp have a generator yet? I wish to do much decorating with xmas lights. I have one but it is pretty darn loud (unless I find some way of massive sound insulation I won't bother the camp with this thing... I'll need it for wherever I put my light sculpture out anyway) I also have a light sculpture I'll probably place on the open playa, unless there is a spot in camp that is saying "put me here!". I'll also be making some cool designs with lights near the one that is already made.

Also I have space in my Van for 1. Anyone need a ride to BM from the Bay Area? I'm planning on leaving on Tuesday, and I coming back on Tuesday the 3rd, after spending a night in reno, but I'm pretty flexible.

See You On the Playa!!!


A word about safety from the JRS...

Hi All! I know many probably get the weekly JRS emailer, but I think this is a very important message, about NOT doing really stupid things. I read this earlier today, and was thinking about this while driving home from my "supply-gathering mission". It is incredibly sad that 2 people last year went to BM to be free, and have a great time, and wound up dead. Another person was apparently seriously injured from burns.

Actually think I'm going to be thinking a lot about this on my way to BM. I've ran through coals at BM before, although they were coals that had mostly burnt out, and I planned my path through carefully. But still one of these people could have been me in previous years to one degree or another--last year I ran through them just wearing sandals!!

Folks, let's have fun, but be responsible, for yourself and others. Look out for another, make sure you have someone sober in group, if you need one. As I'm buddhist, I'll be really chanting for no deaths or serious injuries this year. If enough of us put out this vibe through whatever you believe in, maybe we stop it from happening.

Take care All, and I'll See You On the Playa!!!


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