August 23rd, 2002

silhouette on fire

sing to Flinstones Theme!

Come On
Our Adventure!
We Are Off To Go To Burning Man!
In The
Town Of Black Rock
It's A Little City In The Sand!

We Will
Expand Our Minds Artistically!
And Some
Will Expand Theirs Chemically!

But We'll
All Be Happy
As On To The Playa We All Stroll!
Cuz We're On
A Spiritual Journey
To Unite Our Mind, And Body, And Soul!


I wrote this last year and I thought I would share it with all of my lovely little burners to sing as we depart from our various locations on our trip back home. I leave in a day and a half! :-D

PS -

I have an extra special lj burner goodie to be given - watch for me at the LJ camp, I look a lil something like this - - If you spot me, the secret word is 'Perigee'
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My burning man representative...

will be a blank book at Supersnail, a Body Painting Garden in Center Camp.
Please swing by and sign it.

If you're in the cafe and you're looking across the playa towards
"the Man", Supersnail camp will be on the left hand side of "the Keyhole".
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Brand of Amber - Cosplay

Hello there.

I was referred here by nice people responding to my "Adopt-a-freak" posting on craigslist. Any room for a couple more spooky little oddments in the camp? The spooky little oddments in question are me and sajin, and while we could, of course, camp randomly, it'd be more fun to camp in a camp camp. It's both of our first year going. Whee!
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(no subject)

So...I'm gonna make it after all!

I bought my ticket online last night 42 minutes before the midnight deadline. (Deadline for the $200 tickets, that is.) I got a new tube for the borrowed bike I'm using. And in 3 hours I head up to help pack the huge truck for Planet Smurf.

I can't explain this...I'm excited beyond belief, but I'm SO nervous! Any tips for a first-timer?!?
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At capacity....

OK, at this point, if I said you are in, you are in. I planned for up to fifty and we are at 40 easily but we have more domes n' stuff than originally planned. So, our happy community will be 40 strong which is almost 3 times what it was last year.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE respond to this and tell me how many are in your party and when you are arriving. I am just doing a final Mickey Mouse roll call. I will include Toad and Rico since they are already on the road. But if there are any last minute people, I want to see if we have any spare room....

I have 6 that I am accountable for plus the 2 I mentioned. So the count starts at 8.......
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(no subject)

hey, ya'll.. i met a lot of you out on the playa last year. i hope you all make it back this time around.

this year i am working with the pinhole camp. we have several domes, two bars, dj's, a yoga dome, a dome with misting water, and most importantly.. a gigantic pinhole camera which takes photographs that are several feet tall and wide in negative. you can see some of the stuff on our website.

we will be at esplanade and 75 degrees, right next to the space cowboys. needless to say, i am bringing the highest caliber earplugs available. i am also bringing a lot of fun stuff. this is my fifth year on the playa, and definitely the one i'm most exciting about attending, because we have been putting effort into this awesome community for months.

i'll stop by lj camp many times over the week (i'm leaving tomorrow and coming back next Tuesday), so i'll see you all there. PLEASE bring livejournal by for a group pinhole shot, and for my big birthday party on Wednesday night. plus, do some yoga, drink an apple martini, and lie in the mist while listening to our awesome dj's.

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