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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Wednesday, September 4th, 2002

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Hi all, this is Kit, who many of you met this year at Burning Man. What an amazing experience, one I will not soon forget and one I can hardly wait to repeat next year.

I am back home in Austin, and I miss all of you already. You will all be in my thoughts until we meet again on the playa.

I will give a heads-up here when I post about my experiences or post the photos I took; this last will be a gradual process since I have over 350 photos to go through and weed out the good from the bad. I look forward to reading more about your experiences and associating LJ names to the faces I met out there.

And I have to say -- the temple burn was one of the most breathtakingly beautiful things I have ever seen.

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does burning man always go from one monday to the next? If not, how do they determine when the dates are going to be?
toad says, "hey"

love you guys. miss you all. i'm still not back yet. i must get going....
Wow. Oh wow.
OK, I've been avoiding the computer as long as possible. Turned it on briefly last night to check email and read a few LJ posts. Was too tired to post anything myself. Still am actually, but I at least wanted to let people know I'm alive. (Oh, and speaking of alive... Lori is still present on planet earth. Yea. Or at least I think yea. I spent so much time and emotion last week letting go and making peace with her expected passing, the fact that she DIDN'T kill herself is almost as difficult as if she had. But I digress.)

Thanks to everyone for a great week. Also thanks to those with digital cameras who have posted pics already. I'm not the most verbally (er, typerly) eloquent, but I promise to post more soonly.

hey all
We made it back, and it was incredible. I posted my pics online, and the URL will be at the end of this post.

It was such an amazing 5 days there and spending it with my girlfriend was even more amazing. We had the greatest time and I think our love our stronger now than before. Thanks Burning Man for everything you've given me these last 3 years.

You can view the pics here. My apologies on the night pics, my Sony digital is old and doesn't really have settings to improve the night time shots. Hope you enjoy them.. when I went through them I realized i didn't get as many random pics as I had intended. ah well.

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Back, Finally!!

I just wanted to let everyone know I got back Ok. There were a few adventures along the way...

My return was delayed because my Van (Betsy) decided she needed a shiny new $400 water pump while traveling back over the Sierras. Fortunately I (barely) had cell phone service where she broke down (or I finally noticed as she threw enough belts for the power steering to go out), and used my AAA card to get towed into Colfax.

Before the whole breakdown thing, I got todfox, and Paradox to Reno. Looks like todfox caught the airport shuttle, and got home OK. As per instructions, I dropped Paradox off at University of Reno, where she figured would be the best "disembarking" point for the next leg of her journey (and she promised she would be OK).

Also in the Casino, the gambling gods were sort of with me... at one point in time I was up $300, but was looking to win more money, so it went back in the machines. The good news is I was smart enough NOT to lose any money, as I stopped when I broke even. At any rate, I had fun running around with Paradox that morning, in almost full playa gear, scaring the regular customers, and winning money.

That's about it for my trip home. I will definitely post my thoughts & and other revelations just as soon as I can sort them out. This was truely the BEST burn for me. Thanks all for being part of that experience.

There are a few leftovers, from the camp, and the trip home. Let me know how I can get these items back to you:
Todfox: My Van seems to have a left over hat, that looks quite a bit like yours :-). I think I also have a pair of white sox that are yours.
Paradox: Are you missing a pair of shoes?
Iceblink: I have a red air mattress pump that someone said might be yours.
dreamsoft: I have your pillow. Do you want it?

I'll let you know of other items as I find them. There were a few bottles of sunscreen, and other items that may or may not be worth sending back your way :-)

Take Care All!!!

so I survived my first trip home - and I can't wait for next year

it still blows my mind that so many people could be so dynamic, helpful, loving, and fun. That they can all strive towards the beauty of Burning Man

I'll always be in debt to my boyfriend Brad (huggy) for introducing me to the joy of Black Rock City. I actually met him just before he left last year - and I'm so glad I could go with him this year. It was another experience which made me realize how much I love him, and how amazing he is.

Thank all of you for the wonderful experience - and I'll see you all back home next year!!

you can see all the pics he took this year here

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