January 9th, 2003

  • pivyca

Calling LA Burners

The second Friday of the month (yes, boys and girls, that's this Friday), some of like to meet and hang out and talk about the burn, stuff, whatever. I personally like it becuase it is a chance to have actual coversations with people; I find it really hard to do that at a lot fo the (loud) burner parties around here. :)
Here's the scoop:
Nova Express cafe
on Fairfax in LA (near Fairfax & beverly, across the street from the famous Canter's Deli)
starting at 8:30 pm, going until ?
Nova Express is a burner owned sci-fi/blacklight themed cafe. the food is really yummy and they're open 'til 5 am.
Be there or be square.