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Monday, February 17th, 2003

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well, thanks
I appreciate the kind kick in the head before I went and made an ass out of myself in front of everyone down on da playa.

The b-word is gone from my vocabulary and things are in a better frame of mind. As well, thanks to all of you who replied, I appreciate the tips and such. I felt the same type of feeling in those posts as I have when talking with veteran Burners. and to the one who said welcome home....thanks a lot. I'm currently planning to move back home to Michigan after two years living in Baltimore. Moving back to friends and family, and the fact that I feel the same way about my impending trip out west as I do to moving back to Michigan just can't be described to anyone who hasn't felt this.

Oh, here's another question. Whats the best way to not be overwhelmed your first time? Or a better question, whats the best way to deal with being overwhelmed for your first time? I've heard its inevitable, and I understand this, to a much lesser degree, as I still remember the first few sci-fi/fantasy/furry cons I attended, but, everything I've read from first timers is that you just get caught up and roll through the week.
The Debbie Smith Act - Put Rapists in Jail
:::possible cross-post:::

Stolen from CV on the BGS: "..it is a petition to pass a bi-partisan bill that puts rapists in jail, it is called the Debbie Smith act. It has passed the senate, now it needs to pass the house. If any of you know anything about our political system, it is amazing that it made it out of committee even, so let's put our voices behind this. If you have been raped or abused, or know someone (and you know you do)[or if you don't, but want this bill to pass] please sign this."


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