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Wednesday, April 9th, 2003

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More first time questions!!
What to live in on the playa?

I've gone back and forth. Is a tent the way to go? Is a parachute made into some sort of structure better? Are there any good sites out there for differant types of structure pros and cons?

Should I just try and grab some crash space in one of the van's being rented and we can cover the windows with tarps or something?

Let me know the knowledge that has been passed on.
EL Wire?
For all of you who have played with this stuff before, whaddaya think the best frequency would be for some playa illumina? Too little Hz, too much Hz.........what kinda inverter voltages I should keep an eye out for.......I'm going to use it in some building art and an art bike, but I figure I can get some small AA battery buisness for the bike. The building art though.....
Do you remember?
This is a hilarious photoshoped image using the amazing "Fucktorsos" found in the blue light special box on the promenade. Don't know who made the image though.
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