April 15th, 2003

Questions that come to mind as I search ebay for things...

Once again I have questions and you provide answers! Yes you do, cuz yer cute burners, you are, yes you are!

Ok, not sure where that came from. ANYWAY.

Reading about the other world of the playa I'll be landing in, the thought of a bike keeps coming up. I'm traveling cross country, most likely by plane to Cali, then drive up. Bikes do not travel well by plane. My thought, folding bike. Now, while there are full sized mountain bikes that fold, they are few and far between, AND expensive as hell. Out of my price range. So, I'm thinking of one of the smaller ones. Now, if it rains, I've seen pictures of full on tourney level mountain bikes being bound up in the glue that is playa mud, so in that case, all is fubar anyway, but in dry conditions, would the playa be flat enough that a smaller wheeled bike would work? I'm not talking of one of the mini wheeled bikes that are out there, but BMX wheels, perhaps a little smaller.

Also, how common is bicycle theft at Burning Man? I hadn't even thought of it, honestly, till I read one of the sections on the prior year survey and it mentioned it. Now, I'm pondering if it's even worth spending 50 or 80 bucks onna used folding bike if it's just gonna get snatched halfway through the week. Any tips on preventing this while yer at another camp/event/exhibit? I'm sure there are some things you can't walk a bike through. If this is a problem, I can probably work something with the airline to allow a stripped down BMX bike, sans front wheel or something, into the cargo hold of the plane.
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