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Friday, April 25th, 2003

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So, the official word is that everyone needs some way to light themselves up in the dark. Now, anyone could go out and buy a little light for around 10 bucks at target, something that flashes and makes little things and is cheaply made.

Or, you can buy one or two of these.

They normally sell for around 30 bucks a pop, but this website has them for 11 dollars. They are tre' cool and also look great when yer dancing around. There's also a slightly cheaper version called the Xlight available on the main Photon page through that site (the link I use is lights4raves.com) which gives a rainbow solid flashing effect. If yer not looking to be that colorful, the photon's in general are very powerful, very sturdy lights. The cheap ones you will find, the knockoffs, the little 2 dollar shoddy jobs are not worth the trouble. I have a pair of photon 3's I use to dance with, and I've dropped them, thrown em against a wall, sat on them, etc and they are still working fine.

Also, if yer looking for something a bit crazier, I'm currently working on getting together some clear PVC pipe, at about 3/4 width, and either going to buy some glowsticks, or some of the new battery powered glowsticks, and create a 5 foot long lit walking stick. The benifit of getting PVC, which is a bit more expensive then, say, clear plastic tubing, is that PVC will fit standard PVC pipe fittings, and that means you can cap the ends with two threaded caps, thus making replacing batteries/glowsticks, etc much easier. While glowsticks do make more trash, and this is a bad thing, the battery powered ones tend to be rather flimsy, and at 15 bucks a pop there-a-bouts, can get expensive. But, the pro's of the battery powered ones include triple colored versions, AND the ability to set some or all of the bits to strobing.

While you could work something out with a walking cane using EL wire, again, the glowstick staff means greater mobility for dancing and such.

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And its just one more question, big suprise.
Milage. I'm trying to figure out driving times/gas consumption for the trip and also to weigh my options between leaving from San Jose, CA and also Reno. Could someone give me an average miles between San Jose and the playa, also Reno? Also, what are gas prices like in California and Nevada right now? In Michigan, we got things hovering around 1.50 a gallon for regular, 1.40 if you hit Costco gas.

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New South Bay Fire Arts List
If you are in the Silicon Valley and are interested in learning how to spin fire or other fire related arts, please feel free to join our new list. Please email siliconvalleyfire-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to be kept informed of local activities! Thanks!
More on Lights/Has anyone else seen this site?
http://theepicenter.com (look under light related)

I found what looks like some decent prices on things like glowsticks, but their E-Shirts look faboo! I was thinking of doing something like this with rope lights, but this would be so much easier to wear, and much cooler as well. One design for front and back and you're good to go. They also carry a flashlight that will stay on for up to 2 years on a 9V battery. Not bad for $25! So if you see a glowing butterfly or something wandering through BRC, that would be ME!

OOOOO, and before I forget, they have some military surplus items, emergency equipment and other useful stuff as well. :) If I end up getting something from there I'll give you all a review.

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