June 4th, 2003

The Honeymoon

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hey hey everyone happy summer!!
this is my first time posting and my first year at burning man.

i'm super excited to go and am counting down the days, as I know many of you are doing too.

i do have a couple of questions that i have been trying to get answered, but it seems as though the people I'm going with do things a little differently then most.

first... what sort of food do people bring and how do you keep is from not wilting and melting away during the trip
second... camping structures. the site says that pegs don't work usually for keeping things grounded. how true is this? i've had some nasty run ins with rebar and am trying to find an alternative
third... costumes costumes costumes...
fourth... weather... how cold does it get a night and how warm during the day.

cheers to everyone... only a little while more!

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My friend told me there's lots of smoke at Burning Man. People burn stuff, smoke cigarettes, etc. I can't be near ANY of this. I'm realizing this could be seriously hard. But information about prevailing winds could help. Someone said winds come from Gerlach. Can anyone confirm this, and identify which direction this is? I can bring a compass. If there really is no escape from wretched smoke, I just can't go. Suggestions for asthmatics welcome.

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I'm having an "advocacy" moment: Just because smoking takes place outdoors, does not mean asthmatics can't get quite sick.

So I need to understand how the wind blows, and that's final.

Thanks for the tips on respirators, perhaps goggles, beware of dust.

I don't suppose there's a community within Burning Man for asthmatics. From some of the feedback it sounds like there ought to be! Where would I post to recruit people for forming a smoke-free, dust-reduced, upwind community? (Where could I reach the widest audience of Burners to network?)