June 17th, 2003

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A Burners Prayer

From a mailing list post from Greg Quiroga:

Let me stand in the back of a pickup truck as it does sixty mph down the highway, flamethrowers blazing as propane tanks roll around my feet
Let me work on the top rung of the ladder, in a duststorm, at night
Let twenty thousand volts course around me
Let me fall in love with a stranger I'll never see again
Let me unshackle the leash that keeps me safe, that protects me from myself, that makes youth long for war
Let me be bond with the links of shared hardship
Let me risk for art's sake, for the city, for foolish fun
Let me dance with knives
Let me play with fire

I jumped up to the back of the forklift, balanced above wheels as tall as I am.

"Mind if I catch a ride?" I asked
"You fall, you die," the driver answered.
"That's fair," I said

--John Kelly, "Let me be dangerous"
From _Drama in the Desert_
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