June 19th, 2003

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Hi HI!!

This is going to be my first time at BM, that is if I can get this silly little problem of getting there straightened out. I seem to be have a large amount of problems locating people from Alberta who plan on driving down. So if you are or may know of someone who is, or even no a friend who's friend may have thought about it could you drop me an email or comment.

Also I'm sort of looking for a group of females that plan on camping together, I don't think I know ANYONE that's going aside from urbanwuff, and I kind of would like to be with some other females at least if I'm going to be amongst an uncountable number of strangers.

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(no subject)

So has anyone had any experiance on the playa with Solar Landscape Lights, such as these?

It seems like a very friendly way to give a little light around a camp at night, or even to illuminate near tentstakes/rebar so at night people don't run into them. Just not sure if they'd have enough of a stake to hold the ground inna wind storm.

Any thoughts on the matter would be most appreciated!
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