June 23rd, 2003

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A little guide for all first-timers:

First and foremost, let me just say this. If this is your first time experiencing Burning Man, you are considered a first-timer. You are not a virgin, this is not Rocky Horror Picture Show. You are not a newbie either, because many of you have seen or read as much as you could absorb to find out about the experience of Burning Man before you actually attend.

One of the most important things I have to say deals with your departure. Those of us who have attended Burning Man in the past will agree. We are serious when we say, "Leave No Trace." Everything that you take into the playa, you must take back out. I cannot stress enough that it is not okay to leave garbage bags behind for someone else to pick up. It is not okay to drop cigarette butts on the ground. In 2001, a camp left behind a pallette which was used as the floor of a shower. As I was the last one left on my "block" I dragged this thing all the way back to my camp, just so it wouldn't be left out there for someone else to pick up later. And while I felt I was doing my part, I really felt that the people who left that behind was inconsiderate to the rest of us for not planning ahead. So, before you leave, be sure to take a look around your camp, and even around the camps of those who were near you, and pick up everything you find which does not belong out on the playa. We are
serious about this one thing, because we could potentially lose our ability to use Black Rock as our home.

Until we, the citizens of Burning Man, arrive at our home in the desert, the land is barren and arid. Behind the cut, I will inform you of what you have to take, things I suggest you take, and tips on how to plan to get everything back out of there that you took in, in order to make the experience more enjoyable for yourself, and those around you.

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Cameras (and hi)

Hello all,
I've known about Burning Man for several years but it never seemed possible to attend until recently. I'm hoping to go next year...!
Of about 900 questions I have, can you bring a camera? I thought it'd be fun to take pictures of camp, my goofy friends and etc but something in the Survival guide said you need to register your camera. If so I wouldn't bother, one less thing to lose anyhow.
BTW any Missouri burners around? Later..
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