July 17th, 2003

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Travelocity Hoax

Just picked this off the staff list. This looks like a *really* creative hoax, and even if it wasn't, the org is aware of it so you don't need to email or call the office. Relax and enjoy the effort that when into it, and smile knowingly if some one else tells you about the evil Travelocity tour to Burningman.


About five people this hour have alerted us to this "travel package"
from Travelocity.


Before everyone goes forwarding it around in a tizzy, please be
advised that our crack team of researchers are quite convinced this
page is a PRANK - executed via a URL redirect.

The URL is not the format of Travelocity's tour URL's.
Additionally, if you click to book the tour or find out more, it
takes you to a page (on Travelocity) for a Canyonlands tour, and the
Burning Man 'tour' is nowhere to be found. The phone number shown
doesn't work, and isn't the 1-800 booking number shown on the
Travelocity site. Further, searching the Travelocity.com site (or the
Trafalgar tours site, who are shown to be the tour service) does not
show this tour anywhere on their site, no matter where you search.
(See the full list of Western US tours at
. Note that the URL is "leisure.travelocity.com".)

Thus, a cleverly constructed joke. No need to call out the hounds.

Front row VIP seats for special Burning Man events for $1400? Woo
hoo, sign me up!

Thanks all,
Andie Grace, Actiongrl
Burning Man Communications Department
(415) 865-3800 x102
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...for all of those who have been asking about gifting trinkets and what to bring other then food, water, shelter, and more water, I just discovered that there's a 'Playa Artifacts' site on burninman.com : http://pa.burningman.com/index.cgi

There's some neat stuff in there, some of it useful. I even came across a few of those items while working for the BRC Postal Office.