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Monday, July 21st, 2003

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The lanterns I have been making
In a recent JRS there was a webpage about modifying solar powered lamps. I took the idea and made a few portable solar-powered lanterns out of them for use around our camp, hanging from bikes, and for playa gifts.

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Current Mood: artistic
A cool pillow in the heat...
Just saw this on HGTV and found the website.

A cooling pad that slips inside a pillow case to keep it cool.

Supposedly is filled with some water after you get it and stays cold for years, with no more water, or any refrigeration.


Current Mood: interested
What kind of shoes does everyone recommend? I am partial to sandals, but while helping load some wood for the bus-top patio I realized that open toes could be a danger. (YEOWCH!)


Current Mood: curious
playa dust

playa is alkali, and saps skin. it can also destroy some shoes. well what about tents? we're renting an expensive tent for its durability. should we opt for buying and destroying a cheaper tent? the expensive one is 4-season alpine, but if its seams get melted or something, well, that's gonna suck. please advise.
Newbie FAQ under construction & I need your help!
I'm putting up a newbie FAQ on my website for the commonly asked questions that people ask their first time going to Burning Man. I've got about 20 questions now, mainly from looking through the archives of this community, but would love help if anyone knows anymore.

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I am also pulling little tidbits of information from people on this list who have given advice I think will be helpful for the long terms and also pulling out links as well. People will be given full credit for their contributions, but if there is something here you don't want posted on another website, please let me know and I won't grab it.

I'm just trying to make a section of my site useful to people who are new to the Burning Man experience. Thanks for your help!
Question concerning shade structures for tents
Hi all,
So concerning shade structures for tents: Does anyone have any suggestions for tents that are taller than their cars? Odds are I will be using/borrowing a tent that's taller than my car. Was wondering if anyone had a low cost solution for building a simple shade structure to keep the tent a little cooler? Could I still use the car to secure the tarp?

Hopefully will see you all soon,

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