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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Saturday, August 2nd, 2003

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Quick Question
What is the earliest date that people are allowed on the playa? The event starts on the 25th, but can you camp out the weekend before, setting up and such?

Friends of mine from San Fran were planning on riding up either Friday or Sat, probably to get everything set up for our camp, but I thought I read somewhere that nobody will be allowed on the grounds untill the 25th?

Anybody got a definate answer?

Current Mood: all questions and such
Land Allocation/Arriving Mid-week?
Hi all,
It looks like I am going to be arriving mid-week to Burning Man and I've decided to camp solo for my first run. I was wondering if someone could tell me what goes on with the camp(ing) space? If I arrive there late, will there still be room for me to lay down my gear and has anyone else experienced a mid-week arrival? I need to do this so I don't miss too much time from my new temp job (if they even let me keep it, I don't know.)

Best Wishes,
Two newbies getting close

We have constructed a tarp shade and got a short tent beneath it, building off our car supporting two guy-wired rebar posts.

we then bunjee the whole tarp everywhere, and it holds great.

I'm worried about the tent. It has screens, so the breeze flows great. But the rainguard can sorta cover the screens (which are large). Or we can build an official cover for the screens.

My worry is that during a dust storm we'll accumulate dust through these screens, and be miserable.

Is it worth resisting the dust? Or will it simply saturate everything anyway? Should we plan to shake off the bedding after a dust storm, or should we try like hell to keep the dust out of our tent?

Also, we have rather small hammers. Will we need a real honker of a mallet to drive in our rebar stakes?

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