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Wednesday, August 13th, 2003

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seeking projector for playa
if you know of a camp that will already be bringing a film (reel) projector to the playa, please get me their contact information, or forward this LJ post to them.

I would like to do "direct animation" on the playa (and invite others to join me), but I'm not a projectionist, and know squanto about cutting and taping film reels into loops. (Not sure the playa is the place to learn). I can provide sharpies, and once I know what projector I have at my disposal, I can provide the film.

a page explaining direct animation (I was planning to stick with colored sharpies, not added textures/thickness or anything involving glue.)

where you at?
tell me where you guys are camping so i can come over and say, howdy! i know a few of you already and i'd like to know a few more of you as well. so, if you know your camp's 20 then pass it to me.

i miss the LJ camp already.


ps, my buddy, rico, will not be attending this year. he's fine. he's just hanging in the sunshine state with his girlie.
This will be my 5th year in BRC so I feel silly asking such a basic question, but how does the directory in Center Camp work? Do we list ourselves by real names, playa names, camp names, or all of the above?
Avoid the paper trail! :)
For anyone in the US who needs to have their mail held while they're at BM, here's an easy way to do it without having to go to the Post Office and fill out a form and jump through their hoopla:


Do it right now, it only takes about 30 seconds and then tht's one less thing you have to worry about. :)
Burning Man is sneekin up very quickly. This is my first year and I am sooo excited. I am going with 4 other people and three of them have gone before so I am set. I hope I run into you there but if I don't then I hope you have an excellent time.

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