August 15th, 2003

Possible Playa Photography Book Needs your help!

Hi. I'm a long time burner -- this will be my 6th burn. I'm working on attempting to put together a book of Burning Man images this year. Its in the really formative stages, so no details quite yet to give out.

I need people who are interested to email me and let me know where they'll be so I can take their photographs and photographs of their camps and art projects.

If you know of anyone who'd be interested, please have them email me at catherine at starweaver dot net. The more the merrier and the more unique and interesting my photos the more likely this can go forward.

Looking specifically for the following -- but I'm not limited to it. Anyone who is interested, please email me

- 1st time burners
- couples of all forms (including same gender / triads / groups)
- interesting burning man related body art
- people who are taking large scale art projects out. I'm going to be out there in a week from today, and would love to take photographs of people actually placing their art on the playa
-members of photography friendly theme camps
- families -- looking to take photographs of some kids on the playa

The second part of my project will be trying to capture burners in their everyday lives as well to show how free people can be at Burning Man, so for people who are interested in helping out with the second part of the project locality to Northern California would be a huge plus.

I'll be camped near Center Camp, so we'll have a good location to meet up and everything. I would love to get some people slated before I leave, and let the rest fall to whatever happens on the playa.

Please pass along to anyone who may be interested who will be out on the playa. I am leaving a week from today (Friday).


Reposting: SantaCon

Ho! Ho! Ho!

The Canadian Santa's have organized a Playa SantaCon...Meeting at KBK
short camp (Evidence and Dubious) (seek the KBK flags) on Thursday the
28th @ 6:30 PM (Playa Time) and heading over to Center Camp around 7:00

ALL Santas, Elves, MS Claws, et al are invited....

You know, only Santa can visit all the Playa Bars in One Night....

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Santa Cruzin' - out.

Last minute outfit help Seattle WA


The "Pretty Parlor on the Playa" is having a FABULOUS pre-Burning Man SALE!

THIS SATURDAY and SUNDAY August 16 & 17

Outside the Pretty Parlor on 6729 Greenwood Ave N (Just around the corner
from the Red Mill Burgers in Phinney Ridge) We will have a wide array of
slips, dresses, pants, shirts, skirts, coats, hats, shoes, fabric and other
whimsy miscellany in ALL SIZES for everyone in the family!


xxoo Anna Banana, Vincent & Pretty Parlor

just the two of us

we are going to camp alone. thank you to everyone who responded to my earlier post. it was oh-so helpful.

the reason we couldn't get involved on a bigger camp earlier is that we have a toddler and were having trouble making arrangments for him. then some friends who have been going to burning man for years told us that we "NEEDED" a big camp to camp with, and that there is no way to camp alone. this seemed weird to us, and now we know it's just not true, that it is fine to camp alone. truth is that any camp would probably benefit from having us because we are bringing so much extra H20, food, and other fun resources. we are also experienced outdoors-men, and campers. and we love love love sharing and nurturing. so if anyone around us needs anything we will give it to them, and maybe our camp will be amazing anyways, even though it only consists of two people.