August 18th, 2003


Ticket needed/Ride possible available/woohoo its comin

Hiya everyone. Since its getting close to the date and my procrastination is starting to work against me I thought I would post and see if anyone has needs matching mine.

1) I still need a ticket ( due to money problems earlier in the year.
If anyone is selling please ask them to either post to me here or email me at

2) I'm driving up alone from Berkeley sometime between Saturday and Tuesday (not quite sure exactly when yet)
If anyone is desperate for a ride I might be able to take some stow aways with me. It might be nice just for safety sake ( you know how the road to BRC tends to eat cars for breakfast!)

3) Does anyone know of any UC Berkeley people heading out? I just transferred in and I'm nervous about skipping the first week of classes. Thats why I haven't decided which day to leave yet. Any experience on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

4) Woo hoo! Come visit me at Carousel Numinous! Esplanade @ 5:30 just take a right out of center camp, we're right there.
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So I am wondering...trying to help my aunt figure out recipes...what are some of the best tried and true recipes and food items to bring on the playa. We will have a nice stove and grill and I am trying to gather some info for them...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
murrly murr

and the guessing game begins

what's the weather going to be like in the 89412?
anyone getting reports?

i got this last thursday:

"The nights are getting colder,
it used to be 110 daytime, 80 nighttime
now it's 92 daytime and 50-70 nighttime
it was t-shirt weather at 10pm the night splinter got here [I think that
was 2 nights ago, -ed.]
but that changes hourly lol

and send my love too
i can't wait to see everyone!"

i'm hardly expecting accuracy this far off, but it currently seems to be guessed at warm to hot with minimal windage. which days are how hot has changed around a bit, and the wind predictions fluctuate a lot. certainly don't take any of this as a reason not to pack the cold and rainy gear.

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gaz dance

For those going through online withdrawal

Hail to thee, oh fellow LJ burners (former burners or future burners);
I be noise_chick, aka Nicole, aka Whimsy the Frost Fairy on the playa.
I and lshiva have decided it would be way wacky cool to host a LJ party on the playa. I’ve been inadvertently crashing LJ parties all over the place, and dern it, this is my third burn and I need to start purposefully meeting people (since this community has over 500 people, and over 700 LJers list ‘burning man’ as an interest… it seemed like a good plan.)
It’s short notice, sorry. I’ll be posting on the community board (just look for the LJ scary goat and a poorly drawn cow skull) since I’m not exactly sure where we’re camping yet. (Hopefully between 6 and 7:30 on an outer street). You’ll know our camp by the chromed cow skull wearing a cheesehead, on a pole. I can’t think of a more obviously Wisconsin symbol. :P We’ll also have a bright blue, low to the ground shade structure.
We’re looking at a sorta cocktail meet and greet Wednesday at Sunset. If people would like (and we haven’t been cleaned out of drinks n pretzels) again on Friday at sunset.
For more information, or to berate me for attempting to out you as an LJ user on the playa, contact me at (We’ll be roadtripping out on the 23rd – and it’s a 30 hr drive from Madison, WI). Happy burn to all!
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my day in the sun, burning man

No LJ CAMP???!!

I miss a year and LOOK what happens.

Should we attempt to have an lj meet-up on the playa?

(I'm camping at Supersnail/Center Camp, and working Black Rock Gazette/Center Camp. Come find me to say hi, even if there is no organized meet-up.)

edit: the previous post must've gone up while I was writing this one. LJ party, YAY!
Teh sex...

informatively speaking....

My apartment looks like a tornado hit, my cat can't figure out what I'm doing, and I've just about finished packing... so I figured it was about time to actually say hi instead of lurking all over the place. I'm leaving my apartment Wednesday night, and after flying to San Fran, we're going to be heading to the Playa on Saturday. This is my first big burn, and I'm quite excited. :)

Here's the blurb from the site about the camp I'm with. We're located at Dogma and Sublime.... come say hi!

Within the primal realm of living faith lies a group of artists known as The Tribe of the Chattering Monks…Visit the monks and bare your soul in the 3rd Eye Lounge to earn the coveted monk medallion or perform the Tai-Chi Horse Pose to receive a spiritual libation! After you have cleansed your karma and held the Horse, ascend the meditation tower to reflect on your spiritual achievements. Visit The Tribe of the Chattermonks to celebrate the profound, earn the medallion, or to intoxicate your spirit.

See ya in the desert..
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