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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Thursday, August 21st, 2003

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Just wanted everyone who is still reading to know....

I am not sure if it made it out to the Playa, but we had awesome rain/thunder storms in Reno last night and they are supposed to continue through today. It seems to be a decent sized storm system. I just looked up the forecast for Gerlach and it appears to be about the same.

For Burners, this means....bring shoes and other supplies that will do good in mud and rain. Bring layers of clothes so you don't freeze. Just trying to make sure everyone is/stays prepared...

I am anxious to see if I will meet anyone this year from LJ =)

Yay!! We leave in the morning!
can someone tell me where i can get dry ice in reno? -and about how long does a cooler full last? -or costs?

Last Minute Packing tips
Looks like it may be raining on the playa. Make sure to pack warm clothes!

Leaving tommorrow -- so I'll see you out on the playa -- Hair of the Dog Lounge, Authority 'n 5:30 -- right near center camp. come by and say hi.

I'll be taking my laptop and probably connecting once every other day or so to upload photographs and stuff - so maybe you'll hear from me on Saturday!
weather shmeather
so there looks like rain for the weekend
but hopefully by monday things will be mostly dry
overall the predicitions seem to be settled on high 80s and mid 90s
but those still keep bouncing around, so there's nothing to do but see

sunrise around 6:20, sunset around 7:40
moonset a little bit past sunSET, not that you'd see it anyway

i'll def have a good set of rain clothes, warm clothes, warm sleeping bag
but we'll see how much is needed

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