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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Saturday, August 23rd, 2003

Time Event
camp ad
come, have a drink at The G-Spot

our little ad thingy available in tattoo form
if i dont sleep before i leave, lucky winners can serve @ the bar with the matching undies

see y'all out there

(oh.. okay... cute story. so i'm standing there in *insert generic store with too much cheap crap of a large variety here* and i'm in the camping section and this guy next to me says
"a TV? isn't that the point of camping. to get away from that."
"uh yup"
"i dont know why people would bring a TV out there."
"seems a bit silly to me"
*pause for a bit, then he resumes*
"i mean, me and my family just like to open up the bible and read some scripture and talk about what it means to us"
"sounds nice."

if i had had more sleep i would've said "yeah. i'm going to a large campout where we are discussing religion as well"
Waiting For the Miracle
(crossposted from my own journal)
I can't be mean to poor Id, he's really having a hell week. He's moving this weekend before we leave for Burning Man, that's why he didn't get shit done. And working today. Oy. I got his car's oil changed and it took far too long, so I'm behind on my own prep. I suspect tonight will be light on sleep which is bad news but unfortunately increasingly unavoidable. I have to go get the tent I'm borrowing (my own tent is on its way back to Austin because UPS messed up, which is another story) tonight. I'm currently doing laundry. I still need to bake the banana bread, buy a needle and thread and make a minor alteration, pack after laundry is done... um... and three million other things that I'm forgetting right now.

And even with all of this... I'm like a kid on Christmas eve. Every year the Man tests us, we must wend our crooked way to him through a maze of last minute surprises. But once there.... *quiver*

Something is going to happen. Something wonderful. Soon, I'll be breathing Playa dust. Soon, I'll be dancing under the stars. Soon, I'll be walking arm in arm with my adopted son and other comrades through a sea of fantasies made tangible.

Let the hours between me and Burning Man melt away and let me stand laughing on the Playa again, with the wind in my hair, my loved ones about me and my true Home shimmering, glowing and cavorting around me.

See you on the Playa!

Current Mood: anti-ci... pation
yeeeeeahhh baby!!
(first time i've gone to the trouble of picking a mood in ages)

about 5 hours after expected departure we're halfway on the road :)

see y'all at home!

Current Mood: ecstatic
Will I be the *last* person in town???

Getting to this burn is becoming very difficult.

I'm having some money troubles. My van won't smog, and other things in my schedule are just getting in the darn way.

Now some of them I'm more than willing to work with, but why THIS weekend?? The Buddhist group I belong to http://www.sgi-usa.org, is hosting a really cool festival in Monterey tomorrow. I almost felt like bailing, telling people I'm going to Burning Man, but I just couldn't. So tomorrow I will be helping out at this festival all day. My best friend is in town for this weekend only, so I spent time with him today. Sheesh. Way too much pressure.

On top of all this an expense check I've been waiting for to help me fund this trip hasn't showed up. I've decided to go into my emergency funds, assuming that when all the dust settles I'll have that check to deposit back in the bank. My Van apparently needs a new catalytic converter in order to pass smog (and hopefully that's it). The reg expired last October, so I'm thinking it would be a *very* good idea to have good tags before I go, lest I get harassed by some police officer having a bad day.

So assuming I can get up early Monday, go get a cat converter put on van, get it smogged, and get tags, how quickly can I load the darn thing? I've been doing some prep work, but have really been waiting for my Van to be done so I can start loading it. Still worried about dough. Trying to be as frugal as possible. But it's Burning Man!! I've never brought a bike to BM, and I don't know if I'll be able to get one tomorrow. Sure would be nice to have a bike, and a generator so I can display my art!

I hope I can leave Monday, or Tuesday morning at the latest. All good things require effort!! So based on all this, and other things that have been going on in my life, I do think this is going to be an incredible burn! ...So long as I can get there!

Sorry to vent all. Maybe this will help someone else having similar difficulties. btw, I've got room in my Van for 1 person, if anyone needs a late ride. I live in Mountain View.

See You On the Playa!!!
Leaving tomorrow!
A week ago I ordered a box of glowie things for out on the playa that has not yet arrived. I contacted the company, E-Liquid Motion and asked them to track the package for me so that I could decide if it was worth it to wait for the mailman on Monday. He comes around 4:30 to my neighborhood, which is much later than I care to leave. Angie over there has been just wonderful! She asked if there was another address they can overnight it to. Then I found out I can get it delivered to me ON THE PLAYA!!!! She’s going to overnight it to me at Burning Man! I told her I would be sure to tell everybody how awesome she and her company have been. Consider yourselves told.

This will probably be my last post for a week. Huggles and squirms! See you lovers on the Playa!

Current Mood: excited

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